Welcome to Brimar Thermionic Products

Brimar thermionic products are dedicated to bringing you the best valves possible. We know this is a huge task and not one to be taken lightly but each time you purchase one of our electron tubes it brings Brimar closer to manufacturing right here in the U.K.

We sincerely hope that you join our quest to manufacture high quality British Audio and we thank you for your highly valued custom.

From all at Brimar Thermionic Products

Brimar Valve Collection

Valves / Tubes

At Brimar TP, we pride ourselves that the valves we brand and supply are the best quality in terms of their sound production, consistency, economy and reliability. Valves are manufactured and supplied to our specification and we test each valve in the UK to ensure every product you purchase is the best it can possibly be.

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Brimar Amplifiers


We love our music and the sound a valve produces. Modern DSP technology is good but we believe that valves give the best ‘seat of the pants’ sound experience whether you are a musician looking for a guitar amp or a music lover.

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Brimar MultiValve

Test Equipment

In house we use calibrated AVO testers which are matched for consistency. We appreciate that this kit is expensive and bulky for most people so we are therefore developing a range of testers which will allow you to reliably test the performance, function and validity of a range of valves.

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