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Issue #1
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Tuesday 7th November 2017
Tail end of an Automat Grid Winder

The first edition of a regular series of updates on the progress of the Great British Valve Project.


Latest News

Welcome reader,

I am writing to you today with some very exciting news about the Great British Valve Project. Since you last contacted us, we have been working very hard to secure finances, resources and equipment and I can now tell you that we have everything in place to start the process of returning manufacturing of audio valves to the UK using the original equipment developed by Mullard and Phillips.
Click here to see the truck being unloaded

The first of two trucks reached our facility near Redditch in the West Midlands today and you will see from the pictures below that some of the machines are in very good condition given that they have not been operated for many years. We are currently planning the development of our first tubes and over the next few weeks, we will start the process of cleaning, refurbishment and recommissioning of the core machines needed to support this.
Pin Former

Pin Former

This machine bends and cuts each pin on the base to the correct lengths and shapes for holding the cathodes, anodes etc within the valve


The glass bulb is sealed to the base which has all the internal parts mounted on it. The glass is also annealed at this point.


The assembled tubes are heated internally while the air and contaminants are removed. At the appropriate moment the tip is sealed
We urgently need a small army of general helpers, mechanics, toolmakers, valve/engineer hobbyists, drawing interpreters, gas specialists, electricians, wiremen, electronics engineers, RF engineers, chemists, and record keeping personnel etc. to make this heritage project work.

Many of you reading this have already volunteered your services to help make this dream happen and now we need you to follow through on that commitment and join the project - we don't need money - just many hands. Please consider how you can share your knowledge and expertise with us and complete our online form, come up to Redditch and lets get moving!
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