Brimar TP B9A


Ideal for use with Brimar ECC81ECC82ECC83ECC804EL84, EF80, EST15 etc.



 B9A - 9 Pin Ceramic Socket (Chassis Mounting)

Widely utilised, the B9A is the most common socket found in valve related equipment. This ceramic socket has the advantage of being underside or topside mounted on the chassis, high dielectric strength, rugged proven design and built to last a product lifetime. Ideal for use with Brimar ECC81, ECC82, ECC83, ECC804, EL84, EF80, EST15, 12AX7 12AT7, 6BQ5 etc.

Additional information


Our ceramic valve sockets are carefully chosen to provide a reliable connection that has a high resistance between pins and are manufactured to tight tolerances for your peace of mind.