Brimar TP KT66

Brimar Thermionic Products - KT66 Output Beam Tetrode
Brimar KT66 Beam Tetrode Data

(Matched Pair)

Available as Matched Pairs or Single Items in our shop.

When choosing the ‘66 many things needed to be considered. Firstly the quality, then the price point – it’s very easy to get caught up in ‘this is better than that’ scenario. But when it comes down to purchasing the valve of your choice, it is fundamentally quality that’s important for most people. So choosing this one was really easy – it delivers on all counts. Not only does it sound excellent, it is not hugely expensive compared with some of it’s competitors or new old stock. Yes – we know it is not an exact replica of the original, but it comes so close in audio quality it makes the task of choice simple. Therefore we recommend Brimar thermionic products’ KT66 in almost any fidelity amplification setting. We sincerely hope you enjoy the same experience.

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Each tube is scrupulously tested and only the best get badged with the Brimar thermionics logo. We hope you enjoy our selected products and with each purchase you will be bringing us closer to British valve manufacturing again.