Brimar TP 300B

Brimar Thermionic Products – 300B Directly Heated TriodeBrimar Thermionic Products – 300B Directly Heated Triode


We thought very long and hard about this one as there are so many variants and 10 times as many opinions on which 300B is best. There are logical and emotional reasons why some will choose the most expensive (thousands of pounds) and if you are already there then you know nothing anyone utters will change your mind.

However if you are embarking on your early encounters with the 300B do consider the Brimar thermionic products’ selection. It has excellent sound that’s true to the 300B pedigree and it is not at all expensive. After all, not everyone has the luxury of a huge bank balance and it’s certainly not in our ethos to present such a tube to you.

So here is our tube for the less financially endowed enthusiast! It has a very smooth sound that allows you to enter the world of directly heated tubes without having to take out a third audio mortgage. We genuinely hope that you love the sound of these valves and enjoy every minuet of owning them (please note they are only sold in very closely matched pairs).

Each tube is scrupulously tested and only the best get badged with the Brimar thermionics logo. We hope you enjoy our selected products and with each purchase you will be bringing us closer to British valve manufacturing again.