Volunteer for the Great British Valve Project

Mica Press (Harold) before and after refurbishment

We have been able to trace and recover 24 of the original production machines used by Mullard in Blackburn, one of the biggest UK valve manufacturers. They were manufactured in the 50’s & 60’s by Mullard and Phillips in the UK and Eindhoven. They have not been used in many years and although kept in storage, their condition is poor. These machines were the ‘state of the art’ back in their day and are beautifully engineered. They were transported back to the UK from Eastern Europe and delivered on two articulated lorries in November 2017 and we have now started the cleaning and restoration process.

So, what can you do to see this project come to fruition and rebuild part of the UK’s engineering heritage? Well, we need some extra help with getting the machines and the factory working again. We are recruiting volunteers to help us and the only skills required are enthusiasm and a willingness to get your hands dirty. As a volunteer you can get involved in virtually every part of the project including:

Volunteers in Action
Volunteers in Action
  • machine refurbishment
  • finance
  • recording and documentation
  • translation of documents and drawings
  • CAD work
  • website & social media

Don’t worry – full training will be provided for every task. You volunteer the hours you can spare, do the jobs you feel comfortable with and have as many tea breaks as you need. Come and join our great team and help create a very special manufacturing facility.

Contact us now using this form and lets talk.