Brimar Thermionic Products 12AX7

Brimar Thermionic Products 12AX7 going through test

Brimar Thermionic Products

Brimar thermionic products are dedicated to bringing you the best valves possible – we know this is a huge task and not one to be taken lightly but each time you purchase one of our electron tubes it brings us closer to manufacturing right here in the U.K.

We already produce high quality guitar amplifiers under the TellyTone Brand and later this year will see the release of the Brimar TP Buchanan 300B stereo hi-fi amplifier (however production will not begin until 2016).

Coming soon and due for release in Autumn/Winter 2015 is the Brimar thermionics’ Multivalve. This digital/analogue tester has the capability of testing 1000s of different tube variants with variable heater voltages up to 50 volts makes the choosing of vacuum tubes a breeze providing the service engineer with a easy to use, highly portable thermionic valve tester.

We sincerely hope that you join our quest to manufacture high quality British Audio and we thank you for your highly valued custom.  If you would like to know more about who we are or what we do then please use our ‘Contact Form‘ to send us a message.