Brimar thermionic products are proud to announce the arrival of the Buchanan ..

The Brimar Buchanan 'A' Class HiFi Valve Amplifier

The Brimar Buchanan ‘A’ Class HiFi Valve Amplifier


The Buchanan is a brand new thoroughbred ‘A’ class valve amplifier which encapsulates some of the finest audio designs into an elegant plated chassis that can adorn any listening space. Featuring Brimar thermionic products British made ECC804 Electron tubes and of course 2x300b Brimar power triodes that deliver over 8 watts of valve power per channel.

Suitable for classical, pop, jazz and rock music, this amplifier brings home the ‘A’ class directly heated triode experience at a very modest price. While the straight through sound is impeccable, we know some older recordings do not do justice to the quality of your Hi-Fi and so we have integrated our Warwickshire equaliser into the Buchanan amplifier.

The Brimar Warwickshire equaliser utilises the screened triode ECC804 to provide lift and cut with virtually no noise allowing you to fine tune your older recordings to get the maximum listening pleasure from them and to further enhance your modern discs.

Due for full release in summer of 2016, the Buchanan is modestly priced at£1399 and can be ordered in advance through our web-store from April onwards.

Buchanan Specification


Stereo true A class power amplifier
Directly heated power triode compliment
Balanced pre amplifier circuitry
Brimar’s Warwickshire EQ system
British Built internally shielded pre-amp tubes
A/c mains 230 volt (115 volt to order)
8 Watts R.M.S. per channel
Solid chrome durable finish
Weight 22 Lbs
Frequency response 7-70,000 c/s
S/n ratio greater than 80 dB


Power on off
Bass lift / cut @ 50 c/s
Treble lift / cut @10,000 c/s
Shift control for centre imaging
Input selector
Eq in out switch


A1 -10dB stereo input
A2 -10 dB stereo input
CD -10 dB stereo input
MC standard RIAA magnetic cartridge input


Dual over-rated close wound interleaved output transformers
British built power inductor
Multiple output shrouded mains transformer

Valve compliment

2 x Brimar thermionics 300B Directly Heated Triode
2 x Brimar thermionics 6SN7GT
2 x Brimar thermionics ECC804 Dual Triode
1 x Brimar thermionics 5U4G Rectifier

Specifications subject to change without prior notice