At Brimar thermionic products, we love our music and the sound a valve produces. Modern DSP technology is good but we believe that valves give the best ‘seat of the pants’ sound experience whether you are a musician looking for a guitar amp or a music lover. 50 years ago, engineers and audio pundits were sounding the death nell for the valve as they moved to modern semiconductor technology however the last twenty years have seen a consistent year on year rise in sales of electron tubes world wide which undeniably proves the validity of using thermionic devices.

The Brimar Amplifier Range showcases our tubes and we like to believe the very best in British engineering and craftsmanship.  The TellyTone TV405 built with TV power tubes and fitted in a unique hand crafted cabinet was well received by musicians,  studios and journalists last year. The Buchanan HiFi Amp uses 300B tubes in a ‘A’ class design and stylishly fitted in a chrome plated chassis – lookin’ nice and soundin’ nice.  It is another example of how we marry style and functionality in our products.

We just cant stop making things at Brimar ….


tv405 sml

The TellyTone TV405 uses a new design and British tubes for a great sound.  Visit the micro-site then come back to our shop to order one!

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Make your music sound like it should – warm and rich and valvey.  Our new flagship 300B amp will soon be more than just a dream ….
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