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Why buy from us

We understand that choosing a valve supplier can be an onerous task and confusing given so many auction sites and dealers. Our proposition to our customers is simply this:

  • We choose and commission the best value valves aimed at giving you a great performance at a sensible price.
  • Every valve goes through a strict ‘Brimar’isation and quality check.
  • Every valve comes with a 12 month manufacturing defect warranty.
  • Every valve or product bought helps us learn about, develop and finance valve production in the UK.
Brimar QA Checklist
Brimar QA Checklist

Our aim is to produce high quality vacuum tubes at an affordable price right here in Great Britain where the best engineers are today, still hungering after the reliability and classic sound they once produced. The process is complex as you can see from this public information film from the 1940s.

Brimar thermionic products is the result of the frustration of not being able to purchase high quality valves at a reasonable price. Formed from ‘The Great British Valve Project’ we have used the expertise of many engineers who have provided us with their preferred list of thermionic tubes. Whilst this may not be everybody’s choice, our tube range certainly embraces the wide scope of affordable valves and this we have to accept until the return of British valve manufacturing where Mullard, Brimar, Hivac & the MO Valve Co. were the world leaders.

New old stock products are few and far between and command an excessively high price in consideration that the device in which they sit is worth less than the vacuum tubes themselves so we hope you appreciate the hard work and careful consideration that we have put into our offerings.