Brimar TP EL84


Brimar EL84 Pentodes available in closely matched pairs and quads

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Brimar Thermionic Products - EL84 Power Pentode Data

Built from the original drawings of the Philips EL84 this EL84 has all the warmth and character of its predecessor. The gain structure is so close, its almost impossible to tell the difference without enormous lengths of unnecessary scrutiny!

Our EL84 is destined for wide use and sure to find its way into many a Hi-fi, guitar amp, radio, or record player.

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Weight 25 g
Technical Information

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Quality Assured

Each tube is scrupulously tested and only the best get badged with the Brimar thermionics logo. We hope you enjoy our selected products and with each purchase you will be bringing us closer to British valve manufacturing again.

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