Brimar TP ECC83


Brimar ECC83 robust Dual Triode and ideally suited for HiFi applications.


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Brimar thermionic products ECC83 is our classic dual triode.  Selected for its ‘neutral’ gain character, it is most suitable for audiophile hi-fidelity pre-amp applications. Alongside its classic plate and soft anode design, it has a very rich and smooth sound that hi-fi enthusiasts will love. We believe this is a worthy contender for the ‘classic’ ECC83 as it provides almost identical gain when compared with the original Brimar product. That’s not an accident; each anode grid and cathode is constructed as an exact replica of the original Brimar/Mullard ECC83 – a tremendous likeness in every way.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 90 × 25 × 25 cm
Quality Assured

Each tube is scrupulously tested and only the best get badged with the Brimar thermionics logo. We hope you enjoy our selected products and with each purchase you will be bringing us closer to British valve manufacturing again.