Brimar TP 12AX7

Brimar Thermionic Products – 12AX7 Double TriodeBrimar Thermionic Products – 12AX7 Double Triode Data


Brimar thermionic products 12AX7 long plate dual triode has been selected for its high gain, and is most suitable for musical instrument pre-amp applications, with its long plate spiral filament rugged design has a smooth bite that musicians crave for. Just like in the days of old British valve manufacturers would select certain vacuum tubes and mark them as ‘foreign’ we believe this is a worthy contender for the ‘modern’ 12AX7 as it provides somewhat more gain than its predecessor.

Each tube is scrupulously tested and only the best get badged with the Brimar thermionics logo. We hope you enjoy our selected products and with each purchase you will be bringing us closer to British valve manufacturing again.

If this tube is out of stock, please consider the ECC83 which is a functional similar tube with slightly better performance.